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The Brooklyn Music School's 250-seat, Spanish style theater provides a unique and historic atmosphere for student productions, community interaction, and third-party productions.

Our heritage and pedagogy places performance at the center of BMS's approach to music, dance and theater. The intimate scale and historic charm of our theater make it ideal for a range of artistic and community-oriented events, and BMS tech and support team are here to support your vision. Reach out today to see how we can work together.

The perfect venue for a range of events


For further information about theater rental, please call (718) 638 - 5660

126 Saint Felix Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

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Additional requirements
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Theater Environs shall include:

  1. Stage house

  2. Theater auditorium, including audience bathrooms

  3. Theater Lobby

  4. Downstairs Greenroom Lobby, 2 Dressing rooms and 2 Lavatories

  5. Loading/Stagedoor entrance and ramp area

Basic Theater lighting and sound package:

  1. 12 – 1.2K Dimmers

  2. 1 – Lighting control board - non-computer

  3. Rep Plot lighting instruments (may vary according to usage- minimum of 3 front lights, 3 mid-stage front lights, 6 fresnel down lights, 4 side lights in wings 1 and 2, strip lights for upstage drop-2 colors)- instruments may not be moved or refocused.

  4. 1 - 6 channel sound board

  5. 2 – speakers, mounted in proscenium arch, facing auditorium

  6. 1 – 25’ 3-pin XLR cable

  7. 1 – Omni-directional microphone

Basic Theater Condition:

  1. Floor of stage – ¼” Masonite painted black – Marley is available, but at additional cost

  2. 8 – 4’ x 16’ hard covered masking flats – They may not move

  3. 1 – blue scrim backdrop with black masking on left and right

  4. 4 – Electric battens

Theater Rules:

  1. Licensee shall be responsible for the conduct of all their personnel and the attendees of their event. Failure of the Licensee to ensure order may result in cancellation of this contract.

  2. There shall be no use of any area of the Licensor’s property not included in the Theater Environs above.

  3. Food and Drink is not allowed in the Auditorium or Stage House of the Theater. Food is allowed in the Dressing Rooms and Greenroom Areas.

  4. Decoration of the Theater Lobby is subject to the approval of the Theater Manager.

  5. Only qualified theatrical technicians, subject to the approval of the Theater Manager, shall be allowed to operate equipment owned by the Licensor.