Music Therapy

Brooklyn Music School’s Music Therapy Department is at the forefront of creating exciting programming, community outreach, as well as expanding creative arts therapy services in Brooklyn.

In the therapeutic relationship, the emotional, psycho-social, and developmental needs of our clients are considered and addressed through musiking – “the act of creating music together as intuitive dialogue, listening, emotional release, creative inquiry, and self-expression." (American Music Therapy Association)

All music therapy services will be provided by board-certified music therapists. BMS music therapists are trained in the field of psychotherapy and special education. As the creative arts therapies become more integral to healing, well-being, and recovery in hospitals, clinics and schools, BMS music therapists and sound practitioners are working within the scope of the most up-to-date therapeutic practices and utilizing sound and music for optimal well-being.

Look out for our upcoming professional development workshop offerings in 2020!

BMS Music Therapy Provides:

  • Individual and group therapy sessions for children and adults

  • Board-certified, licensed music therapists

  • Seasoned sound meditation practitioners

  • Sound bath meditations every month

  • The Golden Calm eight week outreach service for senior and community centers in Brooklyn.

  • Professional development workshops for music therapists and clinicians

All music therapy sessions maintain compliance with the HIPAA and AMTA Codes of Ethics & Standards. Relaxation through music programs can be facilitated by music therapists, music therapy students, music educators, musicians, and sound practitioners under the supervision of the music therapy director.

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