The Community Music School of the 21st Century

Welcome to the Brooklyn Music School!

Piruz Partow, Executive Director

Piruz Partow, Executive Director

Whether you are taking your first steps into music and dance, returning to an old passion, or looking to hone your talents to a professional level, you will find a home here. Our goal is to make the performing arts approachable and affordable to students of every skill level and every age.

Music can enrich your life, help you to explore your creativity, and stimulate the mind like no other activity. Research has shown that young people who study music outperform in academics due to the enhanced brain development and focus. Performance can help build confidence and presence. And learning a new instrument can be one of the most effective ways to develop new mental pathways and make new connections.

BMS has a heritage more than a century of bringing the highest quality musical instruction to underserved audiences. This mission was relevant in 1912 when we were founded, and it is perhaps even more relevant today. In many schools in our community, musical instruction has been slashed or even eliminated, depriving children of a vital aspect of education and cutting them off from their own cultural heritage.

Among the reasons I would encourage you to choose BMS as your musical home are:

  • Our faculty are at once outstanding musicians and impassioned educators. They understand how to make music and dance accessible to beginners, but can support you if you choose to progress to high levels of performance.

  • We embrace a wide range of musical traditions, from classical to jazz and blues, from American roots to African drums, and from opera to rock n' roll.

  • Our student body reflects the exceptional diversity of Brooklyn, with a wide range of cultural heritages and economic backgrounds, coming together in warm and caring community.

  • Our commitment to performance, supported by our unique theater space, gives students the experience of sharing their art with a sizable live audience and gives us multiple opportunities to interact with the communities around us.

Just as importantly, I hope that you will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere here at BMS, with people who go out of their way to share what they know and families who are working to build an even better community here in Brooklyn.

While I am proud of what we have accomplished, I am always looking at how we can take BMS to the next level and truly realize our vision of being the Community Music School for the 21st Century. Please feel free to approach me or the staff at any time with your ideas and suggestions.

Musically yours,

Piruz Partow

Executive Director, Brooklyn Music School