Piruz Partow

Executive Director

It feels good to empower people through something that I cherish so much and means so much personally. I have enjoyed studying, appreciating, and digesting music all my life. I really believe that music is a universal language and the lessons students learn at BMS can be applied to a variety of disciplines and aspects of life.

Piruz first fell in love with the Brooklyn Music School while attending a jazz concert in the theater in 2003. Piruz started teaching violin in the school’s outreach program later that spring and eventually began teaching violin, piano, guitar, drums, and bass at BMS.

In 2006, Piruz became the school’s String Department Chair, reviving the school’s orchestra and establishing both jazz and rock ensembles. From 2008 to 2012, Piruz succeeded Alburtt Rhodes as the school’s Music Director and in 2013 became the school’s Artistic Executive Director. Some of his major initiatives have been expanding the school’s outreach program, making the school’s theater more accessible to the community, upgrading the facility, expanding the board from 5 members to 11, more than doubling the school’s annual revenues, and expanding the school’s recitals and concert series to match the BMS’ emphasis on performance practice and overall enjoyment of the practice experience.

Piruz got his Masters in Music from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. As a bass player in NY’s Gypsy Jazz scene, Piruz has played with some of the genres most distinguished musicians and now leads and composes for his own World Country band Vatan where he plays the Persian Tar.