Group Piano Classes

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Saturdays at 10:00 am and 11:00 am $15.00 per class

Brooklyn's best piano classes & teachers

Keyboard classes at the Brooklyn Music School extend from its tradition in offering world-class piano instruction. We apply the same concepts that students learn in private piano lessons at the Brooklyn Music School and that our graduates have taken with them to some of the finest conservatories in the world.

Students are taught the particulars of proper piano technique and apply them to the songs they play and eventually perform. Basic concepts of music theory including notation on the grand staff are taught and applied to the keyboard, giving the students a firm knowledge that they can continue to apply to further piano studies or any other instrument of their choosing.

Students learn how to play and eventually perform with both hands in a solo setting and also in a group setting. 

Piano Private Lessons


The piano may be the most versatile of all instruments taught at BMS. In addition to its solo repertoire, which spans over four hundred years of music history, the piano is used to accompany singers and appears in ensembles of all sizes and in virtually all styles of music. 

Our piano faculty consists of highly trained, dedicated and experienced teachers who have experience performing in a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, and rhythm and blues.  Our piano teachers have been educated at some of the most respected conservatories in Europe and America, and share a passion for new learners to musical performance.

The study of piano provides younger students with a solid foundation in music theory and a natural transition to composition. Piano is also and excellent first instrument for students who may later wish to investigate other instruments or to study voice.

Brooklyn piano classes at BMS provide a natural segue into private piano instruction for both children and adults of all levels and abilities. 

Private lessons allow our teachers to tailor their instruction to the needs, abilities, and learning style of the individual student.  

Monthly student recitals, whether in the intimate MacDowell Room setting, or in our 300 seat theater, are open to all students, and provide invaluable performance experience for student pianists.

piano lessons for children & adults


Brooklyn Music School receives regular professional piano maintenance from Orpheus Piano Co. - to learn more, schedule a home tuning, or submit a request for school piano service, click here.