Piano Lessons & Classes

piano lessons for children & adults

Private Piano Lesson DETAILS

Duration: 30, 45 or 60 minutes

Lessons available: piano

To register: Please click here or call our Registrar at (718) 638 5660.

To inquire about scholarships click here.

The first lesson is paid up-front, with no commitment to enroll for the term.  It is designed to be an introduction between the teacher and student. If the student feels it is a good fit, we ask that the student commits to weekly lessons for the Academic Year: September 2018 through June 2019.


The piano may be the most versatile of all instruments taught at BMS. In addition to its solo repertoire, which spans over four hundred years of music history, the piano is used to accompany singers and appears in ensembles of all sizes and in virtually all styles of music. 

Our accomplished piano faculty consists of highly trained, dedicated and experienced teachers who have experience performing in a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, and rhythm and blues.  

The study of piano provides younger students with a solid foundation in music theory and a natural transition to composition. Piano is also and excellent first instrument for students who may later wish to investigate other instruments or to study voice.

Monthly student recitals, whether in the intimate MacDowell Room setting, or in our 300-seat BMS theater, are open to all students, and provide invaluable performance experience for student pianists.

Not sure about Private Lessons yet? Check out our group piano classes on saturdays for children ages 5-7.

Piano Tuning & Maintenance  

Brooklyn Music School receives regular professional piano maintenance from Arolla Piano Co. - to learn more, schedule a home tuning, or submit a request for school piano service, click here.