Pamela Martinez

Voice, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Harp

For me, what’s most exciting is being part of kids’ lives and seeing them grow up, develop, and find their own voice. I feel like BMS enriches our students, and through them enriches our community.

Originally from San Antonia, Texas, Pamela got her first taste of music tagging along to her older sister's piano lessons, and then successfully convinced the teacher to take her on at the early age of six years old.

Later, Pamela got her Bachelor's in Music in Education from Berklee College of Music in Boston. She has a broad range of musical tastes and influences, spanning electronic, folk, ethno jazz, and minimalism, and including such artists as Ralph Vaughn Williams, Kate Bush, Bjork, and Brian Eno.

Pamela believes Brooklyn is currently "the best place on the planet" with its rich music scene, art, and diversity.