Oliver REED

Guitar, voice

I love teaching music because Its fulfilling to my soul. As an educator i get to be the spark of the next generation of musical geniuses, innovators and thought leaders. My favorite part of teaching is experiencing the breakthrough in young artists who at first may feel discouraged or unable, but through the process become empowered, able and confident. That’s magical to me.

Oliver “Steff “Reed is a singer, songwriter, producer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist who currently teaches voice and guitar at Brooklyn Music School.

Oliver’s approach to teaching music is to meet his students where they are in their journey and to identify what they are passionate about, what their strengths are and where they feel they need to develop more. “If I can get them excited about the small steps and lessons that they learn, it tends to keep them engaged and focused long enough until they get to the bigger breakthroughs,” says Oliver. “I think it's important to remember to meet them where they are and to set expectations for them and yourself accordingly.’

Oliver enjoys the family vibe at the school that supports him in my own development through peer coaching, access to the facility and the open door policy. “I am always blown away and moved by the recitals in the theater. They remind me of how important my role as an educator is and the power of music,” he says.

As a performer, Oliver is currently touring and working on the follow to his critically acclaimed and self-produced debut EP, #TheIntervention. He has won various awards for his work behind the scenes as a songwriter, composer and producer: working with artists such as Trey Songz, Swizz Beats, Jhene Aiko and Raekwon. He has had the opportunity to perform at landmark New York City performance spaces including the legendary Apollo Theater, S.O.B’s, The Bitter End and Webster Hall. He’s performed at protests and rallies with prolific scholar and orator Dr.Cornel West, and toured iconic international performance venues including London’s Royal Albert Hall with the late great soul icon Bobby Womack.

He has received attention from respected online media outlets such as NPR.com, AfroPunk.com, Bevel.com and print magazines including Essence Magazine, ESC Magazine and Woofin Magazine.