Spring Spectacular 2019


This Saturday, June 15, the Brooklyn Music School is proud to present its annual Spring Spectacular. This event will showcase the incredible skills that our students have developed over the 2018-19 academic year at the Brooklyn Music School.

The program will feature:

  • The BMS Youth Orchestra (Michael Vanonni, Director)

  • The BMS Musical Theater Program (Lena Tetriani, Director)

  • Jason Walter (Violin Student)

  • 1 o’clock Jump Jazz Band (Brian Woodruff, Director)

  • Gordon Li (Piano)

  • 2 o’clock Jump Jazz Band (Jeff Newell, Director)

  • Mei Yolles (Violin)

  • Tuesday Afternoon Jazz Ensemble (Jeff Newell, Director)

  • Aren Heyward (Piano)

  • Adult Jazz Ensemble (Jeff Newell, Director)

  • Nika & Luca Noudjoumi (Piano & Vocals)

  • Backyard Silvertree (Rafael Rosa, Director)

  • Rock Rage (Alex Rivers, Director)

During the event, there will be a ceremony to honor the Senior Music Mentors, as well as the inaugural presentation of a new Guitar Scholarship in honor of Gregory DeGroat.

There will be a reception following the event, all are welcome to attend.