Concert ft. Conservatoire Jean Lenain Auvelais

The Brooklyn Music School will be holding a joint concert with the visiting Conservatoire Jean Lenain Auvelais (CJLA) of Belgium in the BMS Theater at 126 St Felix Street in Brooklyn on Thursday, November 5th at 5:30 p.m.

Join us for a collaboration in the spirit of international friendship showcasing the talents of both schools with a program that includes combined orchestra, vocal duets, mixed jazz, dance, and a rock band. The event is free to attend.

The concert is part of a broader exchange program between the two schools. While the students from CJLA are in New York City they will also be participating in other joint events with BMS students, including musical performances at the New York City Marathon and the Fort Greene Park Halloween Festival, as well as outings to the Phantom of the Opera, NY Islanders, NY Philharmonic, and the Fatcat Jazz Club.

The program builds on a positive trans-Atlantic creative exchange between the two community music schools. Last April, BMS students travelled to Belgium and France with CJLA, including a visit to the Royal Opera House where the Phantom of the Opera story is set. The exchange was even featured on Belgian TV and the segment can be viewed at

BMS executive director Piruz Partow commented: “As a cutting edge community performing arts school of the 21st century, BMS believes that these cultural exchanges are key to expanding students' horizons and allowing them to not only see the world, but collaborate with music students from other cultures.”