Part A - ­Musicianship and Technique


(Level I: 15 credits; Level II: 24 credits)

All artist certificate students will be required to fulfill credits from courses in these areas:

Fundamentals of Musicianship I and II: (3 cr.) Music theory, aural skills, keyboard proficiencies.

Ear Training I and II: (3 cr.) This course focuses on the development of hearing skills. Students learn to recognize intervals, develop sight-reading and solfege skills, identify rhythms, and active listening skills to interpret music from a wide variety of sources, styles, and formats.

Keyboarding Skills: (3 cr.) Students learn how to apply fundamentals of instrumental technique on basic instruments.

Music Technology I: (3 cr.) This course presents basic music technology skills, including recording and sound engineering techniques, computer editing, and digital distribution.

Ensembles I and II: (3 cr.) Through BMS Performance Groups students will practice in an ensemble setting to improve student repertoire building for the groups.