Music Certificate Program in Brooklyn, New York

The BMS Artist Certificate program is for the serious musician. This program is a high quality, affordable alternative to music college and a bridge to a career in music performance and education. Study in Downtown Brooklyn, in the heart of New York City’s music scene, with teaching artists active on the scene. Each BMS Artist Certificate candidate works directly with a faculty mentor to craft a course of individualized study.

At BMS, our goal is to encourage the development of your unique artistic voice in every way possible, as well as to build skills for working as a 21st century artist.

What makes this program different?

hands-on experience.

The BMS Artist Certificate program is a great alternative to a traditional college environment. Our program is for individuals who are ready to develop their music skills with hands-on experience. Classes are focused on practical knowledge and relate entirely to subjects in music. 

BMS presents our Artist Certificate candidates with several ways to gain immediate work experience. In our many music education programs, at BMS and in BMS Outreach, we reserve several positions for our Artist Certificate candidates.


There is more flexibility than your traditional college environment. The BMS Artist Certificate program is designed to accommodate short or long term study. There is an option for a one-year or two-year certificate, and for studying full-time or part-time by engaging in our modular program structure. By following a quarter system, candidates are also allowed more time to process material between sessions or to travel and tour.

The New York City Music Scene

The faculty teaching artists are active on the New York City music scene and provide unmatched specialist knowledge. Nowhere can you find such a plethora of talent with this level of real world experience under one roof. Candidates get a chance to develop and present original work to New York City audiences on a regular basis. Brooklyn Music School offers a robust array of concerts, recitals, and communal and special events. Our BMS Artist Certificate candidates are given the spotlight.

For non-U.S. citizens, enrolling in the BMS Artist Certificate program offers an opportunity to come and learn in the United States. While we do not currently offer student visas, our program is equipped to handle students on visitor visas.

Current Certificate Tracks

The BMS Artist Certificate Program consists of three potential concentrations, and two certificate levels. Students study according to a proprietary BMS artist music certificate curriculum that includes standard and customizable courses.

● Performance (Pop/Rock, Jazz, Classical, World)

● Professional Music (Integrated Track of Performance, Business, Education)

● Composition (Jazz, Classical, Electronic)

Program Design

The BMS Artist Certificate Program follows a quarter system (10 weeks, 15 credits). Students receive a Level I certificate after three quarters (45 credits) and a Level II certificate after six quarters (90 credits).

All BMS Artist Certificate Program students are required to complete the required credits for

Part A 

Part B (based on concentration) 

Part C (electives)


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