Mariano Aguirre



"Play from the heart and keep your ears wide open. Always play with intention."

"Playing music has always helped me find my own light and helped me grow as a person. 

Music enables me to emote my thoughts and feelings and gives me the opportunity to 

learn from the emotions of people from different cultures in present time and throughout 


"As a teacher, I think that I am very good at transmitting my knowledge and passion for 

the guitar, music theory and performance, which is what I have been fortunate to do at the 

Brooklyn Music School for nineteen years and counting.  I love teaching, I love the 

interaction with my students, not only musically, but personally too."


Mariano Aguirre was born in 1969 in Mexico City, where he grew up in a family with

great interest in music and the arts. He started music and guitar studies at an early age 

inspired by his father's guitar playing and by listening to records of guitar legends Andres 

Segovia, Julian Bream and Paco De Lucia, and renowned musicians and orchestras like 

Jascha Heifetz, Glenn Gould, Herbert Von Karajan with the Berlin Philharmonic and 

Leonard Bernstein with the NY Philharmonic. Mixing it with recordings of The Beatles, 

Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Janis Joplin, among other pop/rock celebrities. "There 

was always music playing at home", he remembers.

Starting in middle school, Mariano was part of several rock bands that played original 

songs and with which he played at many schools, community and rock festivals 

throughout Mexico. His bands were part of the pop/rock movement "Rock en tu Idioma" 

which promoted groups that performed songs in "your own language".

After high school, Mariano directed his music studies towards Classical music and 

Classical guitar and studied at the prestigious conservatory CIEM with guitarist and 

composer Julio Cesar Oliva and at the National University with guitar professor Juan 

Carlos Laguna.

Mariano moved to New York City in 1994 after being awarded a scholarship to study at 

The Mannes College of Music where he worked with guitarists Frederick Hand, Michael 

Newman and Benjamin Verdery. Upon graduation from his Master of Music degree at 

Mannes College, Mariano was awarded the Gregory Award of Excellence in Performance 

given by The New School University.

After his college education, Mariano has performed extensively in the United States and 

Latin America, including Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall, The Cathedral of St. John 

the Divine, The Noon Concert Series at Trinity Church, The Americas' Society, The