Julian Ruiz

Early Childhood Music, Guitar

For me, when it comes to teaching music, I like to approach it from the perspective of teaching a language. It is important to learn and to understand the mechanisms by which a language works, but to never forget why we are learning it in the first place, and to always apply it practically every chance we get along the road.”

Born to a family of non-musicians in Cordoba, Spain, Julian’s introduction to music was quite unorthodox. He started taking Flamenco guitar lesson in high school. Whilst he learnt about styles like Fandango and Solea, he remained curious about many different genres and kept researching into other styles such as Funk, Rock and finally Jazz by the means of his mentor Fran Mazuelos.

In the pursuit of furthering his musical horizons, he completed his Bachelors at Berklee College of Music (Summa Cum Laude) and later obtained his Masters degree in Jazz Performance (Magna Cum Laude) from Queens College studying under musicians such as Mike Moreno, Antonio Hart, Alain Mallet, Michael Mossman and many more. 

He has been fortunate to perform and share stage with many great artists such as Leo Brouwer, Sherman Robertson, and many more, and has performed all around the USA, Spain, Italy and Ecuador.

He also has extensive experience as an educator, having taught privately for a number of year, and teaching in numerous institutions such as The Piano School of NYC, the Noel Pointer Foundation, and Brooklyn Music House, doing a lot of work with Pre-K groups.