John Eckstein jr.

Director of Development

I’m very blessed to be able to help shape the future of the youth in Brooklyn with the Brooklyn Music School.  I love helping people realize their dreams.  Music has taken me all over professionally and personally. I want to share the gift of music with as many as we can. 

Music has been John Jr.'s career since he was 18-years-old. John is a classically trained vocalist, and he began singing at the age of 6. Before joining BMS, John was owner of Don’t Think Twice, a company that bridged corporate and music.  Don't Think Twice is credited with helping break a genre of music on the radio, as well as, helping many artists fulfill their dreams including Kanye West, Sean Paul, Damian Marley and U2.  John Jr. has worked with over a 1000 artists helping them achieve their goals. On the corporate side he’s worked with companies like the NFL, Universal Records, Arista, RCA, Sony, Mercedes, Ford, Dodge, and Sam Adams. 

John Jr. is excited to bring all of his experience and talent to BMS where there is so much passion and history and a mission he feels strongly about.  John Jr. believes that there is musical magic within these walls and wants to support BMS in getting the funding it needs. That way BMS can offer more music classes and training with more children and adults who deserve to have the opportunity to have music transcend all aspects of their lives.  John Jr. believes that "Together we can create magic to help shape the soundtrack to young people’s lives."