Eva Gertz

Piano, Voice

Eva Gertz is not only a skilled pianist, but also an artist of many mediums, including painting and photography. She joined the BMS faculty a few years upon graduating from Berklee College of Music, in her native city of Boston. She has studied both classical and jazz piano over the course of her life with several renowned instructors, including Charlie Banacos, Laszlo Gardony, and Dorothy Travis. Apart from private and group piano lessons, her teaching experience also spans to composition and theory, musical theater, drums, early childhood music, and more. No matter what the subject, she has a creative approach to teaching, turning application into creation from day one; no books will achieve the same level of fun and long-term interest as her lessons. She has an act for connecting on a personal level with her students while navigating the appropriate path and pace for each individual.

Outside of teaching, Eva is immersed in composition and arranging. She studied Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee and earned her way to arranging the music of prestigious artists including film composer A.R. Rahman, Peruvian singer Susana Baca, and Spanish singer-songwriter Julio Iglesias. In addition to composing and arranging the music of others, she also invests time into writing her own songs that evoke meaningful and universal sentiments in an eclectic singer-songwriter style. She sings and accompanies herself, often backed by a full band, performing and recording frequently around the city. You may also see Eva drumming in her all-women samba-reggae percussion band, Batala New York.