Cameo brown

Development Associate

The connection between the artist as a sacred healer and the community is undeniable... This is because another role of the artist consists in acting as the spiritual fountain of the community. The beauty artists produce quenches the thirst of the village.”
— Malidoma Patrice Some

Cameo’s deep love of music was inevitable: she was born into a family of artists – musicians, vocalists, dancers, you name it.  Her mother sang background for some of the most gifted artists in popular music, from Barry White to Stevie Wonder, and her late grandfather, Johnny Otis, was a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee.  

Cameo’s professional background spans a variety of industries, including education, the arts and entertainment, entrepreneurship, and hospitality.  Cameo holds a dual-degree in Africana Studies and English Literature & Language from Brown University, a graduate degree in International Education from NYU, and a Master in Public Policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.  She is a former Education Pioneers Fellow and IFESH Teachers for Africa Fellow, and the recipient of NYU's Opportunity Scholarship.  Her professional mission is to connect people, resources, and ideas in an effort to affect positive and enduring social change.  

She joined the development team at BMS in September 2018.