Musical Theater at Brooklyn Music School

Brooklyn Music School offers a range of programs to introduce young performers to musical theater including our Music Theater Program for children during the school year, as well as, our Summer Vocal Arts Program. 

BMS's Musical Theater Program is designed to introduce children into the world of musical theater and performance through a 12-week intensive course that culminates in a fully produced performance of a musical production at the BMS Playhouse.

This program is open to all children ages 5-13, who have the desire to share the stage with fellow child performers. Classes are taught by teachers with world-class backgrounds in musical theater, opera, dance and performance. Each child will have a role in the final production and/or performances at BMS concerts

Each child will have a role in the final production and/or performances at BMS concerts. Our program is defined by the philosophy that every child can find their creative voice on stage, combined with intensive training in the fundamentals of vocal performance and building a dramatic vocabulary that ties with their emotions and lived experience.

This Fall 2017, the BMS Musical Theater Program will put on a production of "Little Red Riding Hood" at the BMS Playhouse on December 15, 2017.

Preview the Musical Theater Course in action at their latest Production of Little Red Riding Hood Dec 15. TICKETS & INFO >>

BMS Musical Theater Program - Winter 2018

Vocal Performance & Repertoire Class

Music, Singing, Dance, Musical Theater, Cupid's Arrow


Day + Time:  


Ages: 7 & up


To register: Please email Lina Tetriani, program director, with any questions. Please click here or call our Registrar at (718) 638 5660.

To inquire about scholarships click here.


Highly recommended in conjunction with private voice classes, this class is designed to help vocalists of all levels prepare for public performance and take their confidence and competency to the next level.

Students will be asked to "perform" and work on their solo and ensemble pieces in a Master Class setting, in front of their colleagues. The instructor will provide tailored musical advice and work with the student on technique and presentation.

Guest artists and guest teachers may be invited to participate in this class in order to ensure students access to a wide perspective of styles and approaches so as to deepen their insight into vocal performance.

This course is ideal for vocal performers and students who wish to:

  • Rehearse songs, ensemble pieces and arias prior to concerts, shows and recitals
  • Gain rigorous  preparation skills for auditions
  • Prepare for auditions
  • Achieve a higher level of preparation and confidence
  • Address performance anxiety and learn to positively "channel" the nervous energy associated with performance
  • Work on "presentation" and dramatic interpretation
  • Receive positive reinforcement and support from colleagues