The Brooklyn Music School piano department is renowned for offering high quality lessons by a world-class faculty. Piano study can begin as early as 5 years old. With an emphasis in classical style and a vast repertoire to choose from, piano students can study a wide variety of styles. For those new to music, Piano is an excellent start as it helps build a foundation in musicality without major limitations in developing sound, tone or intonation. Piano students at BMS get to perform in a variety of recitals and concerts throughout the year.

Instructors: Thomas Coote, Piano Dept. Chair

 Dr. Sophia Genis, Atoosa Grey, Valentina Nazarenko, Piruz Partow, Tatiana Viscun

Bass Guitar

bass-guitarBass guitar at BMS is offered to students 7 years and older. Students learn the mechanics of proper bass technique, reading in bass clef, as well as modern right hand technique. Bass students at BMS are encouraged to participate in the many ensembles offered at the school.

Piruz Partow


BoyViolin-tnViolin study at BMS begins as early as 5 years old. Students begin with learning the fundamentals of bowing, left-hand technique as well as developing sight-reading skills while developing strong tone and intonation. Students perform in both solo recitals and many BMS violin students participate in the school’s chamber orchestra.

Instructors: Tracy Dixon, Strings Dept.  Chair

Scott Tixier & Piruz Partow

Upright Bass


Often called the Contre-bass or double-bass, the Brooklyn Music School offers students bass instruction in both classical and jazz. Bass players can participate in both the jazz ensemble and Chamber Orchestra. Upright bass instruction begins at age 8.

Piruz Partow



The viola is the larger relative to the violin. Constructed using the same components as the violin, its stately and dark timbre contrasts sharply with that of the violin making the viola perfectly suited as the violin family’s middle voice. Viola is in high demand among orchestras and ensembles and therefore makes viola a great choice for the student looking to excel among the orchestra’s ranks or apply to school’s with orchestra programs. Led by viola instructor Tracy Dixon, BMS offers violalessons to students starting at 6. Viola students with basic reading abilities are welcome to audition for the BMS Chamber Orchestra.

Instructor: Tracy Dixon, Strings Dept. Chair

 & Scott Tixier

Saxophone, Clarinet


The saxophone and clarinet are popular instruments and especially attractive to those students that are interested in jazz. Lessons begin as early as seven years old. Saxophone  and clarinet students are welcomed to perform with the Brooklyn Music School’s Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, and even Rock Ensemble.

Instructor: Jeff Newell, Jazz/Winds Dept. Chair


celloThere are a lot of playing opportunities for cello students, and its larger size and natural playing position make it easier than the violin for many students. Cello students with the ability to read music are welcome to audition for the school’s Chamber Orchestra. Students can start cello as early as 6 years old.

Melvin Greenwich


instruments-trumpetTrumpet is an excellent instrument for both classical music and jazz. Although trumpet can be challenging in the beginning, its versatility and popularity among different types of music make it a joy to play.

Instructor: Duane Eubanks


Abigail_Urena-tnPrivate guitar study at BMS offers the students many options and caters to a variety of stylistic preferences. Guitar students at BMS can study either electric or acoustic guitar. With an emphasis on developing the student’s technical approach and reading abilities, guitar students at BMS can study either electric or acoustic guitar. Led by classical guitarist Mariano Aguirre, BMS has long had a strong tradition in classical guitar while also offering guitar students the opportunity to perform in the school’s “Rock Ensemble.” Students can start guitar classes as early as 5/6 years old.

Instructors: Alex Rivers, Guitar Dept. Chair

 Mariano Aguirre Piruz Partow


instruments-percussionDrums are a popular instruments and are found in a wide variety of musical styles. There are many opportunities for ensemble play for an accomplished drum student. The Brooklyn Music School has several studios with high quality drum sets for instruction, practice, and performance.

Instructosr:  Brian Woodruff, Drum Dept.Chair

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