Music Program

(Payment Information Listed Below)


Jaylen_PertinuadPrivate lessons are taught by our expertly trained staff to students age 4 to adult, on all instruments.



Please call 718-638-5660 to schedule your private lesson at the time that is best for you!  See pricing below.



Private Music Instruction Pricing

Private music instruction is available for any of these instruments.

Nonrefundable registration fee ($30).

Lessons meet once per week for an 18 week semester; with the exception of Monday classes, which will meet for 17 sessions at a pro-rated price structure. 

Brooklyn Music School offers pro-rated pricing for students who begin lessons late in the semester.


  • 30-minute lesson- (semester total $846) - $47 per class
  • 45-minute lesson- (semester total $900) - $50 per class
  • 60-minute lesson- (semester total $1080) - $60 per class

5% discount applied to all private lesson tuition paid in full by Saturday, February 8th, 2014.

Payment plan options ($25 processing fee) - Music students pay in 4 installments through the Registrar's office.  

Spring Semester - (begins the week of Monday, January, 27th, 2014) 


***Students are entitled to only 1 make-up lesson per semester. 

Make-up week TBA



Public performance is an important part of the learning process in music. In addition to giving a sense of accomplishment, performances set goals for the student, require a refinement of skills and allow the student and teacher to make an objective assessment of progress. Students who have achieved exceptional progress throughout the year are invited to participate in the final Honors Recital.

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