Dance Classes

See also: Performing Ensembles

Creative Movers (3-4 years)

dance-creativemoversIntroduces children to the basic foundations of dance through interactive and imaginative approaches. Focuses on instilling core dance technique in a fun and creative way.

Instructor: Leslie Ann Kilpatrick

Ballet Preparation (5 to 6 years)

ballet preparationIntroduces ballet vocabulary and basic technique at the barre. Students will be taught proper body alignment as well as movements and sequences across the floor.

Instructor: Marie Zvosec

Tap (ages 7 to 19 years)

Casarr_LynchAn American art form where dancers learn coordination, rhythmic variations and tap sequences through sounds created by their feet.


Ballet (7 to 19 years)

FrancesJayShel_IMG_3676An essential and core class for all dancers; terminology and body alignment are further developed, while improving technical skills.

Instructors: Marie Zvosec

Hip Hop (Open Levels)

jazzThis class emphasizes strong body placement. This American art form contains styles that are constantly changing, incorporating both east and west coast styles.


Pointe (12 to 19 years)

Natalie_pointe_leg_upIMG_3698An extension of ballet, which requires solid, consistent and current ballet training. Students are to be evaluated by BMS staff to determine if the student is prepared to progress to this level.


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