The Brooklyn Music School offers both music and dance programs, as well as summer programs and community programs offered in other schools and community centers.


BMS offers on-site classes of individual study and group instruction to approximately 400 students of all ages, although the majority are  between six and 12 years old.  Our programs emphasize intensive study and self-discipline, rather than generalized or introductory exposure to the performing arts.  The curriculum is organized into four divisions:  Pre-School, Preparatory, Pre-Professional in both Music and Dance, and Adult.

For students aged 18 months to five years, the Pre-School Division provides group experiences.  The classes promote the internalization of the basics of rhythm, pitch and dynamics and cultivate the joy and appreciation of music.

When a child is ready for private music instruction, she or he must also show readiness to commit to daily practice sessions, and parents must be prepared to support and encourage this daily habit.  Strong parental involvement is the key to the BMS approach.

Students six to 18 years old who seek instruction in music and dance take classes in the Preparatory Division, which requires daily practice, regular attendance, participation in at least two recitals per year, and for music students, enrollment in a theory class.  In addition to private instruction, chorus and chamber music are also a part of the Music Program Curriculum.  The Dance Program offers ballet, pointe, tap, and jazz/modern.

The Pre-Professional Division requires an audition by students of intermediate or advanced levels who have a minimum of two years of previous study.  Music students enroll in the Certificate Program in which a personalized curriculum is developed in accordance with individual needs and interests.  Periodic performances before a faculty jury are required to demonstrate satisfactory progress and ultimately obtain a certificate of completion.

Advanced dance students may join a program known as the Brooklyn Music School Dancers that develops a pre-professional level of expertise and creates a personal repertoire with new choreography by BMS faculty, guest artists, and other ensemble members.  Students are required to take at least two dance classes per semester, one of which must be ballet.  All students perform in “Entr’Acte” (an informal showing of studio work and choreography) and in the year-end dance recital. 

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