Dance Department Guidelines & Policies




  • Ballet - black leotards with long, short, or tank sleeves, ballet sweater or leg   warmers in winter, pink  tights; pink ballet slippers.
  • Modern - footless pink, black, tan tights, black leotard
  • Jazz -   leotards, footless tights, black jazz pants, tight tank/dance tops; black jazz shoes
  • Tap -  leotards, footless tights, black jazz pants, tight tank/dance tops; black tap shoes
  • Ballet/Modern - White T-shirt, black tights; black ballet shoes (ballet only)
  • Jazz - White T-shirts or tight fitting solid color shirt, black tights or jazz pants;  black jazz shoes
  • Tap (boys)- White T-shirts or tight fitting solid color shirt, black comfortable pants; black tap shoes


Creative movement- T-shirts or leotards, footless tights or comfortable pants

  • If hair is short, it must be too short to be tied or pinned back; if long, it must be pulled back and pinned securely away from the student’s face and neck.
  • Bangs and loose hanging hair are not allowed.

(It is recommended for students to have extra hair supplies; hair bands clips, bobbypins, gel and spray in dance bag at all times)


The dress code allows the teachers and students to see the body alignment and movement.


*The Brooklyn Music School  reserves the right to ask any student who is out of accord with either the dress code or hair regulations for his or her level to observe class rather than to participate until the student has complied fully with the code.


The Brooklyn Music School will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen property. Therefore we discourage  participants in bringing equipment, expensive jewelry, coats, monies or any item that is irreplaceable on to the school  premises


Students are encouraged to eat a well balanced diet, omitting junk food and sugary drinks. At no time can there be eating, chewing gum, and  drinking (except water) in studios, hallways, or dressing rooms or any other area in the school building.

  • Students  are not recommended  to consume any food at least  15 minutes prior to the commencement of  dance classes .



Being on time is essential to proper warm-up.

  • We  encourage students to arrive 10 minutes prior to class to  allow for change of street clothes into  dance attire.
  • Students who arrive 15 minutes after the start of class will be not be allowed to participate actively in the  class. He/She  will attend by observing/note taking.
  • Make-up classes are allowed by permission of the department chair by attending an additional class (of equal level) during the month.

Consistent attendance is expected of all students, if a class must be missed due to unforeseen  illness or family emergencies, please contact  the Registrar office and/or  teacher at next class.  The Chair of the department may arrange make-up classes on an individual basis.

  • All absences need to be excused by parents.
  • Unexcused absences will result in immediate teacher/parent phone conference and possible dismissal from class.
  • Three lateness’s  =  1 unexcused absence. ( See – procedure for Unexcused  absence )
  • Observing a class is considered one half absence.

*The Brooklyn Music School  reserves the right to ask any student who is out of accord with either the dress code or hair regulations for his or her level to observe class rather than to participate until the student has complied fully with the code.


For the benefit of the student’s concentration, classes are closed from the observer.  If a parent, relative or prospective dance student wishes to observe, they may ask permission. Observation of a class is left to the discretion of the teacher.


Students are required to attend all rehearsals, dress rehearsal and performances.  They must have all costume pieces, and hair/make-up neatly in order and complete.  Any unexcused absences and tardiness may result in removal from the performance.


If a parent has any concerns or questions, please notify the instructors or staff. Schedule a meeting time , where the teacher is not in class. If  after the meeting, the issue has not been resolved satisfactorily – than please contact the Department Chair.

If a parent feels his/her child is having any difficulties with the class, do not hesitate to  notify the instructor or Department  Chair. Parents are required to provide to the registrar office the  most updated personal contacts and emergency numbers.

School Communications E.g. performance times, rehearsal schedules and pertinent information will be on the web site as well as BMS bulletin boards. Please visit the web page or contact the office to keep abreast of all important dates and times for upcoming activities and events.


Body Adjustment

The teaching process in dance can be added by the teacher touching a student for a correction regarding body alignment. If you have questions or concerns about this common practice, please contact the Department Chair.


Level Placement and Progress

Although age plays a significant role in level placement, prior experience may be an important factor, as well as natural ability and the number of classes a student is taking per week. Since children progress physically at different rates, it is very possible to have children of different ages in the same class.  Please note that a student might remain in the same level for more than one year. During the first month of classes, instructors are closely monitoring the student’s level and progression. At the end of that period, there could be an adjustment in the child’s placement.


Everyone is expected to show respect and discipline in class to teachers and fellow students.

-          There is No  talking in class

-          Please raise your hand and wait to be called on if you  to speak or  have a question

-          There is no touching mirrors and/or hanging on  dance bars

-          No food, drink or gum are allowed in the  classroom

-          Maintain your hands to yourself at all times.

-          No loud-  disruptive interruptions

-          No tardiness and /or unexcused absences

-          There is No running/ horse play/shouting in class or around the school building

-          Be mindful and respectful; alway   display  courtesy , E.g. say Please and thank you when appropriate)


Students who disregard the code of conduct will have the following applied :

1)   Verbal warning from the teacher

2)   Request to sit out and participate in class by observation only,

3)   Restriction from class until a discussion with parent/guardian has remedied the problem

All rules are applied and followed  thru by teachers and staff

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